What’s in My Backpack as a Traveling Photographer

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After 8 months of traveling around Asia, many people have asked me what I carry in my backpack(s) as a traveling photographer and videographer. As someone who relies heavily on technology to capture and document my experiences, I have a dedicated tech bag and a separate backpack for my clothing. In this blog post, I will share with you the contents of my tech backpack.

What's inside of my travel backpack
What’s inside of my travel backpack

The Tech Backpack

My tech backpack is an essential part of my travel gear. It contains all the equipment I need to capture stunning photographs and videos. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find in my tech backpack:

1. Cameras and Lenses:

  • Sony A7III: This is my main camera and the backbone of my photography and videography gear. It offers exceptional image quality and versatility. My trusty sidekick for capturing breathtaking experiences, landscapes and vibrant street scenes. (Amazon, Bol)
  • Tamron 24-75 2.8 lens: Almost permanently attached to my Sony, this lens was versatile enough for nearly every scene. (Amazon, Bol)
  • Samyang 14mm 2.8 lens: In case my Tamron can’t go wide enough. This is a great lens, but honestly I barely used it on my trip. (Coolblue)
  • DJI Mavic Air 2: My eye in the sky, complete with accessories for any situation. A drone is a must-have for any travel photographer and videographer. It allows you to capture breathtaking aerial shots and get unique perspectives. (Amazon)

2. Audio and Visual Accessories:

  • Rode Shotgun Mic: For those moments when audio was as crucial as the visuals. (Amazon)
  • DJI Microphone: Ensuring that my videos were not only visually captivating but also clear and crisp in audio. (Amazon)
  • GoPro: The GoPro is perfect for capturing action-packed moments and underwater footage. It’s small, lightweight, and durable, making it ideal for travel. (Amazon, Bol)

3. Stabilization and Support Gear:

  • DJI Gimbal Osmo 6: A tool that brings steadiness and cinematic smoothness to iPhone shots. (Amazon, Bol)
  • DJI RS Mini Gimbal: Specifically for my camera, adding another layer of stability and control to my videography. (BolAmazon)
  • Tripod: A fundamental tool, providing a stable foundation for various shooting scenarios.
  • GuerillaPod: a more versatile and smaller tripod, easy to take on adventures and mount on any stable subject. Strong enough to hold camera, or to use for other purposes. (Amazon)

4. Computing and Storage:

  • External Hard Drive: Storing and backing up my files is essential. I always carry two external hard drives to ensure that I don’t run out of storage space. I use the SanDisk 1TB SSD. (Amazon, Bol)
  • MacBook Pro 14 inch: My powerhouse for remote work, processing photos and videos on the go. ( Bol)

5. Audio Essentials:

  • Earpod Pros: Compact and convenient, these were my go-to for uplifting music and engaging podcasts, keeping the vibes alive wherever the journey took me. (Amazon, Bol)
  • Sony Headphones: Essential for deep work sessions and travel times, especially on planes, these headphones helped me focus and immerse myself in tasks, making productivity on the go a breeze. (Amazon, Bol)

6. Miscellaneous Gear:

  • Portable Charger: To keep all my devices powered up, I rely on a portable charger. It’s a lifesaver, especially during long days of shooting when access to electrical outlets may be limited.
  • LG Mini Projector: For impromptu movie nights against a backdrop of white walls.
  • Wireless iPhone Charger: A lifesaver during adventurous or unexpected moments when my iPhone got wet and doesn’t want to charge through cable. (Bol)

7. The Backpack: Lowepro 500 AW II

The unsung hero of my travel photography journey is undoubtedly my backpack. (Amazon)

Every piece of equipment, each meticulously selected gadget, finds its home in the Lowepro 500 AW II. Designed with the photographer in mind, this backpack is not just about carrying; it’s about organizing, protecting, and ensuring that every tool is within easy reach when inspiration strikes or the perfect moment unveils itself. Explore the full range of Lowepro backpacks to find the one that resonates with your travel photography style and needs.


Being a traveling photographer and videographer requires careful planning and packing. My tech backpack contains all the essential equipment I need to capture and document my experiences. From my trusted Sony A7III to a range of lenses and accessories, I am ready to capture the beauty of the world wherever I go. So, the next time you see me on my travels, you’ll know what’s in my bag(s)!

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